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Early Morning Fin Domming

Well, this morning I just signed in to read my e-mail's when I got chatting to a domme I know pretty well.  Pretty soon I was $50 out of pocket!  I'm still not exactly sure how he managed it, but she convince me it was ever such a good idea.  She left laughing, and I was left with a stupid grin on my face and a whole in my pocket.   

Biggest Tribute

I was asked what has been the biggest tribute I have given a financial domme.  I have heard of one guy giving a domme over $10,000 in one session.  I have no reason to doubt the honesty of the person that told me this, even though it sounds unbelievable.

I don't have the means to give that kind of tribute.  Let's face it, who does?  As I said in my previous post, the first tribute I ever gave was $10.  One of the intoxicating things about financial domination is the way that a domme can push your limits.  After  I gave my first tribute I vowed that I would go no higher.  How naive!  Within a month or two I was being stretched.  $20 is not a lot, but in relative terms it is a big jump.  It is exciting and scary at the same time to be pushed like this.

Having said all that, the most I have managed to give at one time is probably around $100.  Whether this is a lot of money depends on your point of view and experience of the fetish.  To me it is.  It meant I had to carefully budget until I got paid again.  The fact that the domme thought this was hilarious was one of the most exciting feeling I have ever had.


1st Post

Well hello!
Firstly, thanks for popping by and reading this.
Why did I create this? I guess I love reading domme's blogs, especially those interested in financial domination, and I thought it might be interesting to write about it from the guys point of view.  I shall just talk about my experiences and thoughts.

I have always been submissive, and been attracted to dominant women. Three or four years ago I became aware of financial domination.  Of course I was far too scared to partake.  I kept reading about it, feeling very attracted to the women who were doing it.  I got brave, and would leave occasional comments on some blogs just hoping to be noticed.  Once or twice I came close to actually tributing, but I lost my bottle.  Until one day about 3 years ago I was so drawn to one particular domme, that i tributed a massive $10 to her.  The rush was incredible.

The rest is history.

I daren't even try to guess how much I have spent on dommes.  But it has been worth every cent  ;)



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